Gone Raw

For the past 10 days, when I’ve mentioned to people that I’ve Gone Raw, they ask me if I need a good salve if raw meat makes my dogs sick. My answer is No.

No, no, no. No need for Pepto. My rugs are safe!

What do you think wild dogs eat? When a wild dog or wolf kills its prey, you don’t see it dragging the carcass over to the camp fire to roast it. (I mean, Brian Griffin probably would, but he smokes & drinks martinis, so…)

Now, I know we’re talking domestic dogs, here. But really, convenience foods in cans & bags are products of the modern age. We’re all so busy, we barely have time to prepare our own meals. (Mickey D’s, yo). It’s no wonder people migrate to the cheap & easy for their pets.

But dogs’ stomachs contain high concentrations of hydrochloric acid, among other things, that make raw meat look like the Joker after he fell in the vat. And the intestines play host to a wealth of bacteria that will take care of anything left over after the tummy acid bath.

Granted, Pearl is very food motivated (read: not picky). Plus, I’ve added fresh fruit & yogurt atop the kibble for months. But neither she nor Truman has turned a nose up to a bowl full of raw deliciousness. In fact, once it’s down, step away, or you’ll pull back a nub. For reals.

And we didn’t transition. We just went for it! You may have a persnickety pup, so if you’re unsure, just try a little at a time on top of whatever you’re feeding. See how your dog reacts. 

I’ve been feeding my 25-lb dogs between 1/4 and 1/2 a pound of raw meat once a day for dinner (with veggies, but that’s another story).

If they could suck the bottom out of the stainless steel, they would.

Pugs & kisses,

Pearl is not a fan of the carrot or the zucchini. But she loves her some cod.
Pearl is not a fan of the carrot or the zucchini. But she loves her some cod.





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