The Scoop on Poop

Don’t worry. There’s no pic of a pile at the bottom of the page. I do have some standards for this blog.

I am a poop watcher. Expert.

When you have to pick it up all the time, you pay attention.

Alabama is a little behind the rest of the country in passing ordinances that make owners clean up after their dogs in public places (who’s shocked?). But Birmingham is making an effort with signage & receptacles.

Recently, some of my neighbors got all in a dither over sh*t. Both the product and the word. The existence of it in the park, and the use of it on the neighborhood website. A debate raged over the biodegradability of dog-doo on the ground versus in the landfill in a plastic bag. Others were mad that those who cared enough to pick it up HAD THE NERVE to put the stinky stool sack in someone else’s trash! (The horror!) Some ppl picked it up, bagged it, and dropped it in the street. (Nice). There were so many facets to the furor, so many excremental layers, I laughed for days.

Aside from that nonsense, I’ve noticed since I began my raw food experiment that the doody is different. What goes in affects what comes out.

…Naaaw! For real? For real…  

It changes color from day to day, depending on consumption. It’s also very dense. More solid. Easier to pick up & bag at the park. There appears to be less of it. It’s more compact. Even less stinky.

And these dogs are as regular as the sunrise. You can set a clock by Pearl.

It tells me their bodies are using the fuel. There’s less waste because they’re not being fed waste – the dregs of animal products not suitable for human consumption, and other “bulk” processed beyond all recognition. It’s colorful because they’re eating colorful things (red, green, yellow, orange, blue). It’s solid because it’s supposed to be.

This sh*t is bananas! (There’s your ear worm for the day. You’re welcome).

To me, I see signs of good health. And that’s what it’s all about.

pugs & kisses,

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