Blue Plate Special — Meat & 3

Here in the South, a “meat & 3” means a restaurant that serves your choice of a meat & 3 vegetables. (Cobbler counts).

Kind of like us, dogs are omnivores. They love a good meat & 3 (hold the cobbler).

They can digest meat and vegetables. They have teeth equipped for tearing and somewhat for grinding (sort of). Their intestines are long enough to digest plant material (for the most part. Recall digestive enzymes).

Feeding dogs is an act of love. We want what’s best for our fur babies!

Let me hear you say, Amen!

Our dogs mimic our lifestyles in so many ways (looking at you, Halloween costume people), it shouldn’t come as a great surprise that some who consume a vegetarian or vegan diet might believe in their heart of hearts that their dogs should eat that way also.

Are you doing what’s right for your dog, tho?

Dogs need meat and the bones it comes on. 

Making your dog eat a vegan diet is extremely ill-advised. I’ve read extensively on this raw food approach and have found nothing credible to support a vegan diet for dogs.

Maybe a dog could be a vegetarian with appropriate supplements, but will he thrive? Plus, necessary supplements would include:

  • bone meal
  • glandular concentrates
  • fish oils
  • whole-food extracts containing liver and other organ meats.

All of that comes from animal sources, or is synthesized to mimic the natural nutrient. Would it not be better to feed the fresh, wHOLe food instead? Especially when their bodies need it?

(I know you saw those Twilight movies. Bella had to drink that O-positive when she was knocked-up with that vampire baby. You do what you’ve gotta do, right?).

The health of Pearl and Truman is my top concern. I want to do what’s right for their bodies, (which is why I’ve suppressed my own gag reflex whenever I touch all that raw meat).

My dogs now have a balanced, healthy diet that includes a variety of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables along with fresh, hormone- and antibiotic-free meats. They are thriving.

In the end, it’s your choice. And hopefully, providing the nutrition your dog requires is on the menu 🙂

…Blue plate special! HOLla!

pugs & kisses,

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