Happy Gotcha Day!

Pets are family

October 4th marks mine & Pearl’s 1 year anniversary.

Here’s our story:

For 3 weeks, I had been grieving the loss of my Lulu, was under tremendous stress at work, and was deeply concerned about Percy. His health was declining–diabetes and COPD–and he was grieving Lulu too. He had never, ever been alone in his 12+ years. Lulu had been there to fill the void left by Princess, his littermate, who had passed away 3 years before. I was afraid I was in for another walk to the edge of the Rainbow Bridge. And I wasn’t ready for it. It was too soon.

Then, out of the blue, my vet’s office called. I couldn’t imagine why. I had no appointment scheduled. Lulu’s bills were paid. What’s the deal?

It was Misty, the head receptionist. They’d had a woman surrender her Pug, and she just wanted to check with me to see if I might be interested in taking her.

Uh. Yes, please.

Wait, don’t you want to see her?

Sure. But I’ll take her anyway.

Her owner had been struggling with serious health problems, and was in the hospital. She needed to re-home her pup.

“Mia” was 2 and a half years old, spayed, and in good health. They had known her since she left her mama.

I went by the clinic on my way home just to lay eyes on her.

I fell in love. She bit my toes in her excitement. I didn’t care.

She was FAT! and bubbly. And came wriggling and bouncing over to me like she’d known me forever.

I had a business dinner that night and didn’t want to just drop her in a strange home with a strange dog & walk back out the door. So she stayed at the vet one more day.

I brought her home the next afternoon. My girlfriends from college helped me choose her name.


She’s precious, round, and pearl-colored. A real jewel. And it sounded nice with Percy. Perfect!

Pearl brought me out of my deep sadness and filled my heart with joy once more. She helped Percy, too. His mood improved. His health stabilized for a few more weeks. And when it was time for him to join his sisters on the other side at the end of December, she was right there to help me through it again.

Where would I be without my Pearl?

Happy Gotcha Day, Pearl girl!!

So glad you’re here! 🙂

Companion animals need companions
Percy & Pearl nap together on game day.
Dogs in Christmas collars
Christmas Card photo shoot. One of many, many attempts.
Adopt, don't shop. Rescue a Pug in need
Pearl on Gotcha Day 2013. A little nervous. A little excited. Clearly unaccustomed to riding in the back seat.

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