Recalls. Not on My Worry Wheel!

In August, Pedigree issued a recall of some of its dog foods because of the presence of metal pieces.


They expanded that recall in September.

Also in September, Bravo! issued a recall for its products because of salmonella.

In October, PetSmart recalled certain lots of Simply Nourish dog treats.

Want to see a list? Go here:

Dog Food Advisor has got them back to 2009. Look for frequent flyers. That should tell you a little something about quality control.

People give me funny looks when I tell them about feeding my dogs a raw diet. I think they’re scared of it. Some are nearly irreversibly brainwashed by manufacturers of convenience dog foods. And why wouldn’t they be? Pet food commercials permeate cable TV. 

And each makes bold claims of “healthy”, “all natural”, “no fillers”, “no by-products”, “meat as the first ingredient.”

Whoopdy-do! Meat is the first ingredient! What’s in the rest of it?

You know what? They are more concerned about the bottom line than they are about your dog. Hello! They will tell you anything to get you to buy their product. ANYTHING.

…Like how much the love dogs…

Do you really think that the nutritional needs of a Pug are any different than those of a Rottweiler? Pugs & Rotties need different amounts of food, sure. But they ARE the same species (duh!). And unless your dog is sick, an athlete, about to have puppies, or is a puppy, their nutritional needs are the same.

pssst….You are more likely to buy a bag of food with your dog breed on it.

(Oh, yes you are).

For the love of DOG, I am begging you to not be that gullible.

And the FDA doesn’t regulate it to the extent you might think. They’re more about truth in labeling than quality inspections. What’s on the label has to be in the bag, listed in order of most to least. That’s about it, folks.

Did you know that there is no pre-market testing required for pet foods?

Let that sink in for a minute…

Our dogs are counting on us to make the right decisions for them in every part of their lives, but especially in what they trust us to feed them. How devastating to buy a brand dog food thinking you’re giving your fur-baby something healthy, and it makes her sick….or WORSE. All because that’s the path of least resistance. It takes about 30 seconds to open up that can or bag, scoop it in the bowl & be done with it. You’ve got more important things to do, right? I mean, Facebook just will not wait. (That’s right. I’m throwing shade. Get used to it).

Fortunately for me & mine, recalls due to contaminated food aren’t on our worry wheel any more.

Feeding what I know for certain is an all natural, HOListic, unprocessed raw diet to my dogs with fresh, local, organic produce & high quality, human-grade, raw meats takes the threat of recalls by manufactured food makers off my plate and out of their bowls.

I love my dogs (more than Pedigree or Iams does, I promise) and I love creating their meals with foods I know they enjoy, and from which I have seen them thrive.

For breakfast, mix:

2 Tbsp fresh baked, chilled pumpkin

4 Tbsp plain, organic yogurt

1 oz whole, rolled oats, uncooked

1 Tbsp raw, local honey

1/2 apple, diced.


pugs & kisses,

2 thoughts on “Recalls. Not on My Worry Wheel!

  1. Ok…So I started this for breakfast. Henry looks up and says “I know you kiddin’, right? Where’s the rest?” Is he still hungry or playing me for a fool? He weighs 22 pounds. Mind you, the vet had me feeding him 2/3 to one cup of kibble spread out over the whole day and I felt like I was depriving him… He would eat all day!!!


    1. So funny, Alison! Part of the issue is that my boy Henry is a Pug! A Pug can eat the back half of a horse & still look at you like they haven’t had a bite in weeks. Pearl flips her bowl over & stomps the ground after she eats regardless of how much she has just consumed. But since you’ve been feeding kibble for a long time, Henry is probably deprived of some nutrients he needs & may show you some “I’m still hungry” cues until his body gets what it needs. Careful not to over feed. I am guilty of that. When feeding raw, they just don’t need as much bc the nutrition is more complete. Email or call me if you want to talk thru it more. Happy to discuss it with you!


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