As Turkey Day Approaches…

You might be wondering whether you can feed your dog a Thanksgiving meal.

You bet! Just do it the right way.

Remember the #WNTF list:

  • NO cooked bones.
  • NO onions.
  • NO grapes or raisins.
  • NO raw yeast bread dough.
  • NO chocolate or coffee.
  • NO alcohol.
  • Nothing containing Xylitol (e.g., sugar free chewing gum)

You can feed your dog raw turkey bones, and raw turkey meat. You can feed your dog cooked turkey meat, but remove the skin. Your dog could be sensitive to the spices you’ve rubbed on the outside of the bird, so be mindful.

You can feed your dog cooked yams, cooked white potatoes, cooked green beans or peas, cooked carrots, and cooked pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling, real pureed pumpkin), all of which are good for her and she will love.

Why not scoop some out before you add the butter, sugar, spices, or other flavorings? Again, avoid the heavy spices and the things that make the meal so decadent. Rich, heavy, fatty foods can lead to pancreatitis.

Although not toxic, sugar is not good for your dog. Please don’t give it to him. Maintaining a constant blood sugar level is as important to your pup as it is to you. His body doesn’t need the stress of a sugar spike followed by the drop, so just don’t give him that pecan pie he’s eyeing. You’re in charge.

The act of feeding your dog is an act of love. Your dog trusts you to feed him right. And he has no option but to take what you give. So be smart, and don’t give him things that will make him sick.

After you eat, why not go for a little walk? Both of you need the fresh air and exercise. Enjoy the afternoon together. Snuggle up on the couch together to watch some football.

And give thanks for your dog. He’s the only one not judging you. 🙂

pugs & kisses,

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