You’ve got questions

They’ve got answers.

Talking about Answers raw pet food.

Dr. Natalie turned us on to it.

She said that because my babies look so freakin awesome, she was hesitant to tell me to change it up. But, she suggested Answers Pet Food as a way to simplify my life a bit.

She used to do what I have been doing, but now she feeds Answers. It is an excellent product, a mixture of high quality meats and produce. The company is family-owned in Pennsylvania, and is environmentally conscious with their production and packaging. Green Certified. No GMO.

There are 3 meat choices — pork, beef, and chicken. I had read that pork was not a good thing to feed dogs, but these folks suggest otherwise. So before we pork it up, I’m going to research it a bit more.

It is truly raw. Not heat or pressure pasteurized. No need for additional vitamin and mineral supplements because they’re in there at the precise amount.

They also sell raw, fermented goat’s milk. It contains added probiotic cultures, honey and organic cinnamon. It contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is known as the cancer fighting fat. It has caprylic acid, which is known for fighting yeast (and should help us with our candida issue). And goat’s milk is a natural antihistamine.

For you cat lovers, they have a cat formula as well.

We are so on board.

While I love creating lovely raw meals for my dogs, sometimes my law practice and other life duties make it hard to plan and prepare. It’s time consuming and expensive. I will feel good about giving this to Pearl and Truman. It’s a bit easier on my wallet, and they love it.

Check their website to learn more and find out where you can buy it. We found it at Hollywood Feed at Cahaba Village.

pugs & kisses,

Answers Pet Food detailed beef formula raw food for dogs
Here’s the beef. It comes frozen in a milk carton. Thaw, spoon & serve
A+ Answers pet food raw fermented goats milk
It comes out clumpy, which freaked me out until I read on the carton that it contains curds. Shout out to Little Miss Muffet, yo!

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