Signs of Detox

Detox means different things to different people.

Some people immediately associate it with drug use, but even in that context, it’s about ridding the body of toxins. Diet alone, without the assistance of any kind of drug, can cause toxins to build in the body. Synthetic additives, supplements, preservatives, sugar, things the body treats as sugar, all contribute to toxicity. Those concerned with better health know this to be true, and take steps to reduce or eliminate toxins before they deteriorate the body.

Thanks for the lecture, Chatty Kathy. What does this have to do with dogs?

Since I began feeding Pearl and Truman a raw, wHOLe food diet, my dogs have experienced their own detox. At first, all was great. They transitioned without symptoms. Increased energy, less shedding, no scratching. And then I noticed…

  • Abundantly waxy ears
  • Mucus in stool
  • Hair loss
  • Scratching for no good reason
  • Inopportune anal gland discharge

What the wha???

At first, I was worried,  but I researched it (because that’s what I do) and found that these things are normal when switching to a raw diet.  The body finally has an opportunity to begin healing by ridding itself of toxins that have built over time. They come out through smelly urine, poop, itchy skin, waxy ears — ever where it finds an exit.

None of it lasted very long — only a few weeks.

I learned that it is normal for them to scratch for a while after switching to raw as toxins are forced from the body through the skin. Bathing with a soothing herbal shampoo helped a lot.

They both lost hair in patches. Not dramatically. They didn’t go bald, just some hair came out in clumps for a little while. It has grown back in and it feels like velvet!

The wax in their ears was hard and brown, but it has lessened in the past few weeks. I have extensive experience with ear infections in my pugs over the years. No infection has developed here.

The mucus in the poops freaked me out. I mean, some is normal. But this was a lot and so disgusting. (Enough already!) This is not to say that you should ignore abnormal mucus in the poo. If your dog is otherwise showing signs of a problem — diarrhea, loss of appetite, vomiting, lethargy — take him to the vet. But these guys were not showing signs of any distress, so I just had to be patient and it eventually returned to normal.

I used to have to take Pearl to the vet to have her glands expressed. NOT ANYMORE! In fact, if she gets too relaxed in my lap… mercy.

Running to the vet for a steroid shot or round of antibiotics will alleviate symptoms,  but they mask the underlying issues and may impede your dog’s body’s ability to heal itself through proper nutrition.

So, be patient! I have seen amazing transformations in these dogs, especially Truman, who is much older than Pearl and was frail when I got him back in May.

To borrow from Martha Stewart, this is a Good Thing.

Pugs have naturally velvety ears. Now Pearl feels that soft all over.
Pugs have naturally velvety ears. Now Pearl feels that soft all over.

pugs & kisses,

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