What the Duck?

No, not talking about Oregon’s football team that broke my Crimson heart.

This post is brief. It’s Saturday. Go buy these treats:

Orijin Free Run Duck Treats
Truman & Pearl are coo-coo for these treats. Like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Dr. Natalie had them in her office and offered one to Truman & Pearl. Pearl is not a good judge of what is awesome because she loves all things food. Truman, however, is much more laid back and slow to react to yummies. He perked up like I’ve never seen and asked her for more. She kindly obliged, and I went straight to buy some when we left her office.

These are a luxury item for high reward that we will now keep on hand, along with our favorite CahaBones, when we don’t have time to make our own Pumpkin Poppers.

They have several flavors, but we’re sticking with the duck for now.

pugs & kisses,

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