Doo-doo-run-run: What do you do when the doo-doo runs? (Part 1)

This week has been a bit of a challenge, friends. This story is in multiple parts. When I first started writing it, it was going to be one long story. Then, it got far too long to hold anyone’s attention. So, bear with me and please stay tuned.

So, we switched to Answers pet food week before last, right? We talked about that. We started with beef. They really liked it. No tummy issues. It’s the bomb.

We added the goat’s milk. They love it as well. No tummy issues.

I like to rotate their protein to avoid allergy development, so for the 2nd week, we switched to the chicken formula.

Truman loved it. Pearl wouldn’t touch it. #wompwomp

Because I had modified my grocery shopping to accommodate the prepared raw food, the cupboard was nearly bare of raw protein. I had to punt.

She got a beaten raw egg with some raw goat’s milk for breakfast, and pureed chicken livers for dinner. DONE.

Two nights in a row, however, that bomb blew out Truman’s back end. Houston, we havea problem.


Let me tell you: it was a MESS! All over him. All over the crate.

And it wasn’t the nice, little dark balls of dookie I had grown accustomed to seeing. I’ll spare you the remaining details. Suffice it to say, there was plenty, and it was pervasive.When I let him out, he ran through the house in his zeal from being freed.

I had to mop the house. And spot-clean rugs.

And bathe him. And wash the bedding. All before I could even think about dinner. (I’m pretty sure I skipped mine that night).

I figured it was the change in food, but continued to feed it to him. Why? He loved it so, and I thought maybe he just needed to adjust to it. After all, it’s chocked full of gracious goodness.

On night 2 of Poop-a-palooza 2015, I got wise. Bye-bye chicken formula. Back to Mama making the meals.

There’s a lesson here. Keep it simple. Don’t introduce too much new at one time so that you can eliminate the source of the trouble more quickly.

After I took away the chicken formula, no more blowouts.

I’ll still use the Answers, but we’ll stick with the beef formula for now, and the raw goat’s milk. They’ll be a part of the regular rotation.

There’s something in that chicken, though, that we can’t handle.

And there’s more to this slimy story…

After mopping, scrubbing, laundering, bathing all before dinner... #needmorewine
After mopping, scrubbing, laundering, bathing all before dinner… #needmorewine

….to be continued…

4 thoughts on “Doo-doo-run-run: What do you do when the doo-doo runs? (Part 1)

  1. Sounds like my day yesterday — except mine was mopping up urine our 15-year-old black lab had dribbled all around the house (she peed inside, that sat down in it, then proceeded to get everything wet and messy). I’m sorry about your dog’s poop issues (our Yorkie-Bichon has a sensitive stomach, and for a while there he had soft stool). Here’s to a better day all around! 🙂


    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes, I go to Dr. Karen Becker’s blog page at She is my hero! She is so knowledgeable and shared very helpful, detailed videos and articles. You may also find and to be helpful. I have subscriptions to both & participate in online courses sponsored by DNM. They are fantastic resources!

      Give them a try! Best wishes!


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