Pumpkin seeds — Nature’s Vermifuge

So, this bout of diarrhea was apparently due to worms, which were apparently caused by the aforementioned fleas.

Fighting fleas sans application of, or filling my dogs with, chemical pesticides presents a challenge, and is a topic for another day.

So back to the worms. How much good would it do to dry up the runny poo if I didn’t get rid of the worms?

Here’s you some vocabulary words to toss out at your next cocktail party (b/c the topic of intestinal parasites comes up over a glass of wine all the time):



Both are terms for herbs that destroy and expel worms and parasites from the intestines.

Some examples include Aloe, chaparral, cloves, wormwood, garlic, pomegranate (the white rind), rue, and black walnut hull.

I had some garlic, but I’m still a little uneasy about how much to use given the prolific warnings¬†that abound on the Internet about feeding garlic to dogs. I didn’t want to dive into that without additional guidance, so I kept looking (because I didn’t have any of the rest of that list either. Surprise, surprise).

Turns out, pumpkin seeds are anthelmintic. And guess who has two thumbs and a massive stash of dry roasted, ground pumpkin seeds from all that treat-making back in the fall? This kid!

I knew there was a reason I was holding onto all that in my fridge. I needed it for deworming!


I researched side effects and found none. So I just added a little sprinkle to their meals twice each day for 5 days.

And it worked.

No more worms.


Every time I find a way to stay out of the doctor’s office through something as simple as a pumpkin seed, my heart grows three sizes.

Word to the wise: Anytime you adopt an herbal regimen designed to address a specific ailment (like deworming) as part of your routine, you risk reducing the herb’s effectiveness for that ailment over time. So it’s best to treat the ailment until the body heals, and then discontinue usage. So I will not be adding pumpkin seeds to their food as a matter of course. But I will keep my stash in a cool, dry place until needed again.

Lovin’ this way of life!

pugs & kisses,

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