Calm Down

I’ve had Pugs now for more than 20 years.

I am no stranger to my vet’s office, nor to the ER vet, nor to the specialty small animal clinic at Auburn University.

My dogs are my life. I’m single and have no children. They are my companions and my reason for getting out of bed each day. (Sorry, work. You come somewhere after the dogs. That’s just how it is).

My maternal instincts are strong. My friends in high school gave me a coffee mug with “Mom” on it. Except that I’ve not actually become a mother to a human, I’ve assumed that role in very nearly every facet of my adult life.

Whenever the health of one of my dogs was in question, I sprang to action to ease the discomfort, right the wrong, fix the broken. Whether I could afford it was a question I reserved for response ex post facto. I always found a way.

My first instinct was to run to the vet at any hint that something might be wrong. I was inevitably panicked. My beloved pup was in distress. We had to get this fixed. Pronto!

It wasn’t until a few months ago, when I decided to take an alternative, preventative approach to their health, did the flaws inherent in my previous methods become clear. In fact, they screamed at me. Correcting the problem on the back end, after the pathway for illness or disease is well established, is almost pure nonsense.

I’ve finally begun to arm myself with some practical knowledge about nutrition and natural health care that provides me with a degree of comfort. Food is EVERYTHING. And proper nutrition can retard or even prevent the manifestation of illness, inflammation, disease on the front end. If I’d only known this truth before!

Because I now know my dogs are in excellent health, I am retraining my brain to stay calm whenever I notice something out of the ordinary. I’m sure there will be times when running to the vet will definitely be in order. But I am now confident that I absolutely can work through these minor things on my own.

So, when I see diarrhea, worms, fleas, warts, minor wounds, etc…

…girl, I’VE GOT THIS!!

It’s changing my world.

pugs & kisses,

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