And They Call It Puppia Love…

(Thanks to Donnie Osmond for singing the background music of my childhood.)

Have you ever fallen in love with a harness for your dog? I bet not.

I’m so weird.

But, there I was, washing dogs for a good cause at the Whole Dog Market, and saw my friends go home with a lovely orange Puppia harness for their Pug, Vivian. The collar part was wide, as was the chest strap. It hugged her securely, yet very comfortably. She looked good, and she knew it.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it! I had to have one for my dogs.

So, a few days later, I was back in the store trying to decide on the right colors and sizes for Pearl and Truman.

Choosing the right harness is very important. Fit versus function and style (in every sense of the word). There is a lot of controversy in the dog world surrounding the collar–choke, pinch, Martingale, nylon, leather, e-collar. Which kind is appropriate for what purpose? Do collars cause trachea damage or neck injury? Should you ever use a collar at all? Can a harness give you the ability to properly control your dog?

These are weighty questions we’ll save for another day when we feel like really stirring the pot.

For dogs like Pugs that are small but broad-chested, it’s nearly impossible to select the right harness without having the pup with you in the store. So, unless you’re familiar with it and you know it fits your dog properly, I’d avoid ordering any kind of harness online.

You’d think that a 25-lb dog would not be considered an XL, but it’s true. Even in the vest style I chose, which is fully adjustable, they needed the XL due to the breadth of their chests.


Here’s a pic from the park. Pink for Pearl and navy for Truman, which coordinate nicely with their UpCountry leashes and collars.

Don't we look sharp? We love our new vest harnesses that we got at the Whole Dog Market!
Don’t we look sharp? 

I love them because they are SUPER easy to put on. They’re basically vests with a wide velcro closure on the back that wraps around the mid-section, coupled with a plastic buckle strap with D rings at the shoulder blades for attaching a leash or a seatbelt tether. No stress on their delicate necks at all. They fit so well, I have no trouble controlling them on a walk.

I can tell they feel good in them. They walk with pride 🙂

Girl, please. We know when we look good. #shade

Now, the other reason (besides overwhelming jealousy) I had to have these harnesses is because we needed to address our vehicle safety options. Pearl’s begging for front seat privileges never ceases.

That's just how we roll.
That’s just how we roll.

We had one booster seat, which I’d had for about 15 years. But this is what happened whenever we took a road trip.

Snoozer Lookout Car Booster Seat
Who says we don’t fit? Proof. BOOM!

Because they’d get all twisted and tangled and nearly strangled in navigating their comfort zones, I didn’t even try to secure them in the seat. I have a hammock back there, which keeps the dog hair under control and keeps them from flying into the floor if I have to stop quick. But I’ve never felt comfortable that they were all that safe.

Luckily, I found the EXACT SAME BOOSTER SEAT at Hollywood Feed! (what are the odds?!?)

And y’all, it was a whopping $5 more than the price I paid for my first one back in 2000. 


At $79 plus tax, I felt it was a bargain, and a lucky break.


Truman likes it, don’t you think?

Truman Snoozin' in his Snoozer. Get you one!
Truman Snoozin’ in his Snoozer. Get you one!

So, once the seat issue was resolved, we had to get a safe, comfortable harness to secure them. And Puppia answered the call.

You can see from Truman’s picture how the velcro strap folds over his back. Fully adjustable, breathable, snug but comfy, and safe. Or as safe as I can make it in the back seat of my CRV.

I need a bumper sticker:

This car exists for the service and comfort of two Pugs. Humans welcome on a limited basis.

pugs & kisses,

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