Birmingham’s Hottest Hounds

We had our photo shoot for the new edition of “Birmingham’s Hottest Hounds” this weekend.

Hottest Hounds is a coffee table book of fancy-pants black and white photos of dogs. There are also Hottest Hounds books for Atlanta and New Orleans, and are done to benefit animal welfare organizations.

The book’s makers have partnered with Hand-In-Paw Birmingham for this edition and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the canine therapy organization that does such wonderful work.

If you’re not from Birmingham, or even if you are, and want to learn more about Hand-In-Paw, you can do so here:

Anyhoo, we had a great time with our Pug Pal Vivian at Railroad Park on Saturday. We were lucky that the gathering clouds did not dump their load upon us while we were so far from the pavilion.

Pearl and Truman wore their brand new JazzyJ collars and looked so snazzy! Their vibrancy won’t show in the black and white photo that will be in the book, but we’ll know how fab we were!

JazzyJ dog collars Puppia harness Pet Lookout Taxi
2 Pugs in a bucket on their way to fame & glory.

You know you’re jealous of our bling. You can get yours here:

The book won’t be ready for several months, but we’ll keep you posted so you can get one of your very own and brag to all your friends about how you know the famous HOL Dog duo, Pearl & Truman.

Have a great week!

pugs & kisses,

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