Big Wheels Keep On Turnin’

After years of coveting, I did it. I finally bought a stroller for the Pugs.

First time in the buggy. PugLove.
First time in the buggy. PugLove.

Someone from Above looked into my heart, saw my desire and plopped one right in front of me. I bought it from a friend at a reduced price, and it has changed our world!

In the South, in the summer, the heat is more than my dogs can tolerate. Some nights, it’s still near 90 degrees even by 8pm. So, we don’t get out much. The pavement is hot. They are close to the ground. They have that smushed face that makes it hard to breathe even when the heat index is not 103. The risk of over-exertion in that kind of heat is not worth the benefits exercise provides.

Enter the stroller.

Our second night in the park, we got a lot of attention.
Our second night in the park, we got a lot of attention…because why not?! Pugs in a stroller!

Pearl and Truman sit side-by-side and watch the world as it whizzes past. Any worries I had about them making a break for it were immediately dispelled. They have yet to express such interest. We walk to the park, they take care of business, hop back in, and away we go!

I can actually get my heart rate up with the speed and from pushing their collective 50lbs around the track at the park. Takes walking the dog to a whole different level. I get to improve my health accompanied by my fur-babies without risking their health.

I call it a win-win, and everybody who rolls their eyes can suck it.

We may soon be in the market for an upgrade to a jogger.

In case you might be interested, there are some great options here, and here. Check ’em out.

I recommend checking the weight specs before clicking “buy.” Bigger wheels make for smoother travel. You will need a “parent tray” for your keys, phone & water bottle. Most models come with a storage basket underneath for leads, poop bags, etc., a safety strap, and a hood to protect from the sun/rain. Sun stroke can happen even if your pup is not exerting himself. So keep an eye on him or her as you’re trotting along.

Safety first!

Our first jaunt around the park amplified the joy they already bring. Wish I’d bought one years ago!

Get one, and you, too, can circle the park with pride.

pugs & kisses,

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