Alabama Holistic Vets contact info

Let me take this opportunity to clear something up.

For more than a year now, I have fielded regular calls from people who have Googled “Holistic Vet in Alabama” or something similar, and instead of finding one, they get me. The first post that pops up on such a search (after the paid advertisement) is my post on Dr. Natalie Lenoir-Blackman from 2 years ago (I misspelled her last name, but still). She doesn’t have a website, just a Facebook page (find it here), and it appears about 5th down the list of other area veterinarians who do not engage in a holistic or alternative practice. Dr. Battistella and Kowaliga Whole Pet Health Care’s contact information shows in the right hand column (find it here).

But, because I keep fielding calls, (which I am very happy to do, but y’all need to reach them, not me), I thought an explanatory post was in order.

I AM NOT A VET and I cannot diagnose or give treatment advice. I blog about what has worked for me. That’s it, and that is always the first thing I tell anyone who reaches me.

The next thing I tell them is to reach out to either or both doctors and choose for themselves who will best meet their and their pet’s needs. Each offers a different range of services. Dr. B has a much bigger facility and a broader range of services than Dr. Natalie, but she’s farther away from Birmingham. Both work wonders.

To perhaps make things easier, here is contact information for each (you’re welcome):

  1. Dr. Natalie Lenoir-Blackman; Well Being Animal Medicine Society; 3557 Cahaba Beach Rd (Behind Cahaba Beach Dog Park, near the Home Depot on 280); Birmingham (205)637-6653
  2. Dr. Mary Battistella; Kowaliga Whole Pet Health Care; 8610 Kowaliga Road; Eclectic AL 36024; (334) 857-1816

There may be others in the state, but I don’t know who or where they are and cannot speak to the services offered. I have experience with both these docs, and you can scroll through my posts to learn about what they have done for us.

To the kind and broken-hearted man who reached me yesterday who was in tears over his dog’s renal failure, it is my great hope and prayer that one or both of these fine women can help you and your beloved pup.

pugs & kisses,




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