Reiki for Dogs – It’s a thing

Dogs Naturally Magazine is one of my favorite publications and “go to” sources for all things good for my dogs. They host the Raw Roundup each year, and have a host of offerings for the holistically minded dog lover. (I highly recommend a subscription – it never disappoints).

I was pleasantly surprised to recently read the article DNM published about Reiki for Dogs, which you may find here. I could not have said it better if I’d written it myself (kind of wish I had, but that’s what I get for being slow on the draw). It is a quick read and a helpful guide, so definitely check it out.

Key take-aways:

  • Reiki is an all-natural practice of energy healing
  • Anyone can become a Reiki practitioner, but you must be attuned by a Reiki master
  • Reiki energy comes from the Divine Source of all life force energy. The practitioner acts as a channel for that energy
  • It is only used for the highest good and can never cause harm
  • Reiki can:
    • ease pain
    • boost the immune system
    • speed healing after injury or surgery or illness
    • remove emotional blocks that interfere with physical health
    • strengthen the bond between you and your dog
    • help when transitioning from this life to the Rainbow Bridge

I am now a Third Degree Usui Shiki Ryoho Certified Reiki Master/Practitioner. If you are interested in exploring what Reiki can do for you and your dog (or cat or horse or guinea pig), give me a shout! I would be honored to serve you.

Typical sessions last from 45 minutes to an hour. I work with both you and your dog together. It’s a great, relaxing way to bond with your dog while enhancing both of your well-being.

You can find me at Just Happy Hounds Midtown one Saturday a month. Call for an appointment: 205-777-3699 (JHH) or 205-492-8857 (me).

You’re Invited!

Come meet me!

If you’re in the Atlanta area on November 4, please join me, Alyce Wellons @alycewellons, and Lena Franklin @mindfulhealer for a:


We will be embracing the Fall season and exploring energy work with a Mystical Happy Hour hosted at the lovely and magically serene Serenbe Farms.

I will be there playing my sound bowls, offering tips for meditating with your pet, and talking about Animal Reiki.

Yes! This promises to be a beautiful evening, no matter the weather.

Come explore and open yourself to the magic!

You can find Serenbe by clicking here. You can find out more about Alyce and Lena, their mindfulness practices, and their journeys throughout the globe by clicking the links.

Hope to see you there!

pugs & kisses,



It’s Halloween week, and that means e’er’body acting a fool for tricks & treats. Dogs included.

As if we need an excuse to eat candy….or anything made with a pumpkin… 

I’ve never been much for dressing up in costume – either for myself or my dogs — but sometimes we will deck a seasonal collar and a hoodie.

And that is just what we plan to do for Saturday’s Pugs & Pumpkins event to support Alabama Pug Rescue & Adoption at the Pelham National Guard Armory. Whether you have a Pug or just love their funny faces, come support the rescue. Guaranteed fun for all.

Pugs & Pumpkins 2015. WOOT!
Pugs & Pumpkins 2015. WOOT!

Evelyn will be sporting a special accessory to the party this year.

From the early days of fostering her, I noticed a bump under the skin on her back left leg. I paid little attention to it because she had so many other things going on with her health. I watched it, and it didn’t seem to change in size, shape, color, etc. Until last Sunday when all of a sudden, there were two.

I took the picture below and sent it to Pug Rescue Queen Pam Mayes, who sent them to the most amazing Dr. Jay Crisman at 280 AMC. We all agreed an in-person visit with Dr. Jay was in order.

This is what Mast Cell Tumors look like.
They look to be Mast Cell Tumors.

After examination and discussion, we decided they should be removed and tissue samples should be analyzed to verify whether they were in fact cancer. MCTs, like many cancers, are treatable with high survivability when caught early. Stage I MCTs are considered benign. Stage IIs can be effectively treated. Stages III & IV are more serious and treatments can be less successful. So, we’re praying for Stage I.

Dr. Jay said they are fairly common, and easily removed. Since Evelyn is due for the shot that will kill off the adult heartworms hanging out in the bloodstream in just 2 weeks, we decided she would fair far better to proceed with this removal before getting that shot. So we did.

She came home looking like the spokesdog for Staples.

Frankenstein's got nothin' on my Evie. #tuffstuff
Ouch! Frankenstein’s dog.

The staples come out the same day as the big heartworm shot. But hopefully we’ll get good news on the biopsy before then.

In the meantime, I’m going to embrace the season and play up her most remarkable feature for Halloween.

Just call her Frankie.
Just call her Frankie.

pugs & kisses,

DJ JazzyJ and the Fresh Pearl

Y’all may not know how important it is to me to coordinate.

Dogs, outfits, colors, patterns, schedules. Whatever.

A tad OCD.    ….a tad.

We got invited to a wedding recently. Not just any wedding. A double wedding. Or dual ceremony. On June 13, Just Happy Hounds played host while two dogs got married, followed by two people who tied the knot under a tree in the play yard at the most awesome doggie daycare in downtown Birmingham.

The dogs, Buttercup & Frankie G, got married first.

Buttercup (2015 Do Dah Day Queen) & Frankie G (JHH Chief Security Officer) tied the knot.
Buttercup (2015 Do Dah Day Queen) & Frankie G (JHH Chief Security Officer) tied the knot.

Then Sarah & Jeff said their vows. Circuit Judge Stephen Wallace officiated.

Sarah & Jeff re-tied their knot.
Sarah & Jeff re-tied their knot.

Members of the wedding party each walked down the aisle with a canine companion, including the lovely bride. And it was AWESOME.

I made a cake for the pups (although I suspect some people might have taken a nibble, and they wouldn’t have been wrong. It’s a tasty cake, if I do say so myself).

Grain-free wedding cake for the pups. It was yummy!
Grain-free wedding cake for the pups. It was yummy! Although I’ve really got to work out a better frosting option. #unpretty

But back to the point. Our attire. We had to snazz it up a bit. Pearl and Truman needed something distinguished and refined yet playful to don.

Enter JazzyJ Designs.

Earlier this spring, we bought the prettiest little Pink Peony collar for Pearl and a simple bright blue Greek key for Truman. The problem arose when the leashes I already owned didn’t (say it with me) coordinate.

The pink ones were too pale or too purple. The greens and blues were all kinds of wrong. And we COULD NOT show up at this shindig with clashing leashes.

The absolute horror of it all.

Like white shoes after Labor Day. Or worse….

White shoes with black tights. 😮

I can’t even.

So we pulled up JazzyJ’s Etsy site and found matching sets.


But more than that, lo and behold, there were ACCESSORIES!!

Pearl had a fit for her pretty pink flower,

Pearl's ensemble. So pretty!
Pearl’s Pink Peony ensemble. So pretty!

and I had a near heart murmur over the Ikat bow tie for Truman.

Truman's Ikat bow tie is super smart with his bright blue Greek key on green collar & leash.
Truman’s Ikat bow tie is super smart with his bright blue Greek key on green collar & leash.

Canine fashion perfection. Worthy of a shout out on Stylebriefs. Just sayin….

cue ZZ Top’s Sharp Dressed Man.

Jasmine Lawson makes each collar, leash, bow tie & flower herself, and they are of excellent quality.

Ensembles complete, we trotted out on that play yard and wowed the crowd with our snazzy JazzyJ’s!

Get you one! You can buy them here. Highly recommend. Like Jasmine on Facebook & follow her on Instagram @jazzyjdesigns. You’ll be glad you did.

pugs & kisses,