A New Experiment–HOListic Wound Care

all natural herbal wound care home remedy

Truman has a boo-boo on his paw pad.

It’s a sizable sore on the main pad. He wouldn’t let me touch it. Red, raw, and swollen. Ouch.

Pug with a hurt paw tries herbal remedy
Truman has a boo-boo. He likes his purple bandage, tho.

My first reaction was to take him to the vet, which I did two Saturdays ago.

They cleaned & wrapped it & gave us a round of steroids. ($)

We went back for a follow-up last Saturday. ($) Although it diminished in size, it hadn’t gone away.

Since I’m all about the HOListic approach nowadays, I decided to research our options to see what might enable us to avoid a minor¬†($$) procedure.

I looked first to herbs. But what to get? What might heal a wound or reduce inflammation?

Chamomile was the first to hit all the markers: it’s a nervine (calms & soothes nerves. Duh!), tonic, sedative, antispasmodic, aromatic, stimulant, among other helpful qualities.

… But I couldn’t find it. #sads.

What else, Google? (Don’t judge. I’m at the store. I need options.)

Calendula! Used to heal wounds & soothe skin. Great!

… Couldn’t find it. #nuts

Aloe vera, of course, but no aloe plants where I was shopping. (dammit. I’ve GOT to find a different store).

Gotu Kola. (Because everybody needs a go-to cola. Am I right?)

Reputed to strengthen the skin, boost antioxidants in wounds & increase blood supply in the area.

AND… They have it! Hooray!!

Well, they didn’t have the actual herb, just the extract.

Good enough. Let’s try some.

Why not make a poultice? Say what? 

A poultice is a little herb-soaked bandage to apply externally to the wound.

I soaked a clean cloth in 40 drops of Gotu Kola mixed with 2oz of water. I held it on his paw for 5 minutes (which was as long as he would permit). I left it unwrapped over night. Repeated the process the next morning. That night, it appeared smaller.

But then I read about raw honey as a treatment for wounds

FASCINATING! I keep raw honey in the pantry! Had no idea it was a wound fixer, and we are about to give it a go.

I’ll keep you posted!

pugs & kisses,