Reiki for Dogs – It’s a thing

Dogs Naturally Magazine is one of my favorite publications and “go to” sources for all things good for my dogs. They host the Raw Roundup each year, and have a host of offerings for the holistically minded dog lover. (I highly recommend a subscription – it never disappoints).

I was pleasantly surprised to recently read the article DNM published about Reiki for Dogs, which you may find here. I could not have said it better if I’d written it myself (kind of wish I had, but that’s what I get for being slow on the draw). It is a quick read and a helpful guide, so definitely check it out.

Key take-aways:

  • Reiki is an all-natural practice of energy healing
  • Anyone can become a Reiki practitioner, but you must be attuned by a Reiki master
  • Reiki energy comes from the Divine Source of all life force energy. The practitioner acts as a channel for that energy
  • It is only used for the highest good and can never cause harm
  • Reiki can:
    • ease pain
    • boost the immune system
    • speed healing after injury or surgery or illness
    • remove emotional blocks that interfere with physical health
    • strengthen the bond between you and your dog
    • help when transitioning from this life to the Rainbow Bridge

I am now a Third Degree Usui Shiki Ryoho Certified Reiki Master/Practitioner. If you are interested in exploring what Reiki can do for you and your dog (or cat or horse or guinea pig), give me a shout! I would be honored to serve you.

Typical sessions last from 45 minutes to an hour. I work with both you and your dog together. It’s a great, relaxing way to bond with your dog while enhancing both of your well-being.

You can find me at Just Happy Hounds Midtown one Saturday a month. Call for an appointment: 205-777-3699 (JHH) or 205-492-8857 (me).

Discovering Reiki

So, the thing that’s been taking up my free time (outside of my full-time job) for the past several months has been the study of energy in the body. Less like how you get energy from proper nutrition, and more like how energy works in, around, and through the body. Plus, I’ve been meditating on the regular for months because: #personalgrowth

I don’t want to get too complicated or long-winded here, so I’ll just cut to the chase:

I am now a Level 2 Certified Reiki Practitioner (Woop! Woop!)

Say what?

Reiki (pronounced like the term of affection you have given your favorite garden utensil. Don’t lie. I know you’re all: Hey, rakey baby. You’re such a good little rakey. Let’s go clean the lawn) is a system of natural healing that utilizes the Universal Life Force Energy from which we all originate, of which we and all living things are all made, to balance the energy flow in the body.

When the energy body is balanced, you feel good. You’re in good health, you rest well, you’re not in pain. When the energy body is not balanced,┬ávarious forms of “dis-ease” will manifest, whether they are physical, mental or emotional. If there is too much energy, not enough, or if the energy is clogged or stuck and not flowing up and down along the meridians and Chakras throughout the body the way it’s supposed to, you feel bad. Something hurts, or you feel sick, or tired, or drained, or sore, or tense.

The practitioner acts as a channel for Reiki energy to help move that stuck or excess energy in your body to balance the flow within the body. It’s more difficult to heal when you can’t relax, and Reiki promotes healing through deep relaxation.┬áReiki is not magic. It is not a miracle cure. But it is for the highest good. And when you are able to soothe the parasympathetic nervous system, that’s when real healing can begin.

You get the picture (and if not, just give me a shout. I’ll totes talk your ear off about it).

Why am I loading up the HOL Dog blog with talk of this energy healing modality? (They call it foreshadowing in literature class)

Gonna totally be giving Reiki to people AND their dogs!


My most regular recipients of Reiki across these many months as I’ve begun to develop my skill set have been my Pugs: Pearl, Truman and Evelyn, and the cat, Chester. They LOVE it. They are so responsive. They get just floppy relaxed whenever I start gently moving my hands from head to hiney shifting that energy they’ve absorbed. We have a habit of running energy early in the mornings after they’ve had their breakfast. It’s a wonderful, peaceful way to ease into the day. We also run energy at night before bed. It’s a great way to shake off the day’s stressors and prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

It has enhanced my bond with each of them, and increased the bond among the four. The whole house is a better place because they have really settled in with each other’s personalities, likes and dislikes.

I won’t lie. We used to have some issues. I’ve worked with trainers over the years, and they certainly helped. But we got to a whole new level of chill once I began practicing Reiki on them (and on me). You dog lovers know it’s true– our dogs are so attuned to our energy, and when we’re stressed, they are too. When our anxiety level climbs, so does theirs. Likewise, when we’re chill, they calm down. Sometimes, they don’t have a chance to shake our energy off. Or sometimes, if you’re dealing with a rescue, they’ve been carrying around excess anxiety for years. That excess continues to compound and they often have difficulty processing it. Reiki helps with that.

I’m so excited about this new chapter, and can’t wait to share it!

If you’re in the Birmingham area and want to give it a try, call me for appointments and pricing.


pugs & kisses,