Happy Howl-o-Ween!!

pugs pumpkin Halloween costume funny


OOOOooooo!!! SCARY!

It can be very scary for your pets, you know.

Remember to keep them inside and away from stupid teenagers. And mean drunks.

Especially if your dog (or cat) is black.

And here’s a list of things that can result in a pricey visit to the vet. So, even though there’s lots of distractions and lots of strangers coming to the door, keep an eye on your fur baby during the witching hours.


  • Chocolate (toxic)
  • Candy (Your dog does not need sugar. for real.)
  • Grapes & Raisins (toxic)
  • Glow sticks & glow jewelry (Although not toxic, can cause mouth irritation and profuse drooling)
  • Candles (An excited tail and a well-placed candle can singe the heck out of some fur. Or burn your house down. Keep ’em up).
  • Costumes (That costume is super cute. Is it making her over heat? Is it obscuring her vision? Is it too tight, making it hard for her to breathe?)

Basically, pay attention and be smart. An ounce of prevention & all that noise.

And if your pup digs into the candy despite your best efforts, here’s the number for poison control.


Have fun!

pugs & kisses,

Dog-tober Fest!

It’s that time of year when everybody humiliates the crap out of their dogs with goofy Halloween costumes.

I’m inconsistent on that point. I’ve done it. I admit.

Some years, I’m too cool for it. Depends on the dog.

But if you’re interested in decking the hounds (mixing my holiday metaphors, I know. just roll with it) in their finest funery, check out these super fantastic upcoming events.

  • Hand-In-Paw “Barktoberfest” is tomorrow, October 24 at Good People Brewing Company from 6-10pm in downtown Birmingham. (for more info, go to Facebook & search Hand-in-Paw events)
  • Alabama Pug Rescue and Adoption’s “Pugs & Pumpkins” at Oak Mountain State Park, next Saturday, November 1 from 12-4. (www.alabamapugrescue.org)
  • “Dogtoberfest” at Just Happy Hounds this Saturday, October 25. Several events from 9-4, including costume contest from 11-12 (www.justhappyhounds.com).

Note: “Dogtoberfest” has a very special treat to give away…


That’s right. They’re free. Mainly because I don’t have my business license yet. And I’ve been swamped at work.

So, come take advantage of my recent lack of free time! and take home a little bag of wHOLesome, all natural, HOListic goodness.

I’ll be there with Pearl the Superstar and Truman the Brave. Come say hey!

See you Saturday!

pugs & kisses,