What the Duck?

No, not talking about Oregon’s football team that broke my Crimson heart.

This post is brief. It’s Saturday. Go buy these treats:

Orijin Free Run Duck Treats
Truman & Pearl are coo-coo for these treats. Like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Dr. Natalie had them in her office and offered one to Truman & Pearl. Pearl is not a good judge of what is awesome because she loves all things food. Truman, however, is much more laid back and slow to react to yummies. He perked up like I’ve never seen and asked her for more. She kindly obliged, and I went straight to buy some when we left her office.

These are a luxury item for high reward that we will now keep on hand, along with our favorite CahaBones, when we don’t have time to make our own Pumpkin Poppers.

They have several flavors, but we’re sticking with the duck for now.

pugs & kisses,

You’ve got questions

They’ve got answers.

Talking about Answers raw pet food.

Dr. Natalie turned us on to it.

She said that because my babies look so freakin awesome, she was hesitant to tell me to change it up. But, she suggested Answers Pet Food as a way to simplify my life a bit.

She used to do what I have been doing, but now she feeds Answers. It is an excellent product, a mixture of high quality meats and produce. The company is family-owned in Pennsylvania, and is environmentally conscious with their production and packaging. Green Certified. No GMO.

There are 3 meat choices — pork, beef, and chicken. I had read that pork was not a good thing to feed dogs, but these folks suggest otherwise. So before we pork it up, I’m going to research it a bit more.

It is truly raw. Not heat or pressure pasteurized. No need for additional vitamin and mineral supplements because they’re in there at the precise amount.

They also sell raw, fermented goat’s milk. It contains added probiotic cultures, honey and organic cinnamon. It contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is known as the cancer fighting fat. It has caprylic acid, which is known for fighting yeast (and should help us with our candida issue). And goat’s milk is a natural antihistamine.

For you cat lovers, they have a cat formula as well.

We are so on board.

While I love creating lovely raw meals for my dogs, sometimes my law practice and other life duties make it hard to plan and prepare. It’s time consuming and expensive. I will feel good about giving this to Pearl and Truman. It’s a bit easier on my wallet, and they love it.

Check their website to learn more and find out where you can buy it. http://www.AnswersPetFood.com We found it at Hollywood Feed at Cahaba Village.

pugs & kisses,

Answers Pet Food detailed beef formula raw food for dogs
Here’s the beef. It comes frozen in a milk carton. Thaw, spoon & serve
A+ Answers pet food raw fermented goats milk
It comes out clumpy, which freaked me out until I read on the carton that it contains curds. Shout out to Little Miss Muffet, yo!

Sawing Z’s…zzzzz….

Editor’s Note: There’s a little bit of a play on words in our blog title. Yes, we’re all about canine health through better nutrition and a holistic approach, but we are about the wHOLe dog. Nose to tail, top to bottom, inside and out.

Does your pup catch enough Zzz’s? Sleep is as critical to your dog as it is to you, and your dog needs a lot more of it than you do to live a long and happy life.

How much a dog sleeps will depend on several things, including age and general health. The average, healthy adult dog tends to sleep about 12-14 hours per day. Puppies, larger breeds, and senior dogs will tend to sleep more than that. Working dogs may sleep less. Quit calling your dog lazy. She needs her beauty rest!

Dogs typically don’t sleep as soundly as humans (although because Truman is deaf, he’s a champ). They take lots of short naps and can adjust their sleep patterns depending on their need to be alert. Dramatic changes in sleep, however, could indicate a health problem. So pay attention. If your dog is normally peppy but has become lethargic, something might be going on and a trip to the vet may be in order. Otherwise, let him snooze. He’ll jump to attention when the garbage truck rolls by.

My dogs get plenty of rest in their crates when I’m at work. I used to think crating was a bad thing, and you do what you want, but mine happily trot into theirs each morning at the appointed time. They rest and feel safe. They are not concerned with guarding the den while I’m away. I have door locks and an alarm system for that. They do not get into the trash, chew shoes, tear up doors or furniture, or potty in the house because they are neither bored nor stressed. They are friendly to my guests because their guarding instincts haven’t consumed them.

When I’m home on the weekends, they’re awake more during the day, and I can tell it wears them out to follow me around the house. So they asked Santa for a cool new bed.


dog beds, bessie & barnie, bagel bed, service disabled veteran owned business
Truman loves this thing. Pearl still prefers my lap.

This delight is a Bessie + Barnie bagel bed. Santa saw it at Hollywood Feed in Birmingham. (www.hollywoodfeed.com) At first, we thought Santa had experienced an error in judgment because neither Pearl nor Truman were all that crazy about it. But after it sat unoccupied for a few days, Truman claimed it for his own.

Now, he has a place to rest his weary head while I’m making Pupcakes in the kitchen. He also likes for me to put it on my bed so that he can sleep in greater comfort, but it is so large, we only did that once.

Highly recommend for this time of year. Come summer, we’ll probably be needing something a bit less furry, but for now it is the Bomb.com.

pugs & kisses,