What the Duck?

No, not talking about Oregon’s football team that broke my Crimson heart.

This post is brief. It’s Saturday. Go buy these treats:

Orijin Free Run Duck Treats
Truman & Pearl are coo-coo for these treats. Like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Dr. Natalie had them in her office and offered one to Truman & Pearl. Pearl is not a good judge of what is awesome because she loves all things food. Truman, however, is much more laid back and slow to react to yummies. He perked up like I’ve never seen and asked her for more. She kindly obliged, and I went straight to buy some when we left her office.

These are a luxury item for high reward that we will now keep on hand, along with our favorite CahaBones, when we don’t have time to make our own Pumpkin Poppers.

They have several flavors, but we’re sticking with the duck for now.

pugs & kisses,

Healthy Snack Idea: Game Day Gruel

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Pearl is always thinking about the fill level of her tummy.

When the contents drop below an invisible line inside the tank, a sensor light starts flashing in her brain and she pesters the crap out of me alerts me to the need to refill the reservoir A.S.A.P.

This morning, I was a little low on fruit, it being the end of the week & what not.

So, they got a greater serving than normal of yogurt mixed with honey & oats, and half an apple. That did not hold Pearl till dinner (surprise, surprise), and just before half-time in the Auburn-Mississippi State game, she started her “I’m hungry” song & dance.

What to do? Do I give a little treat and have her back in my face in 20 minutes? Do I go ahead and serve dinner at 4pm? I mean, 4:00 is really the no-man’s land of mealtimes.

So I put on my thinking cap and dug around in my pantry.

Game Day Gruel:

  • 1 T plain yogurt
  • 3 T fresh ground almond butter
  • 1 t organic black strap molasses
  • sprinkle of organic dehydrated coconut flakes

They each got 2 tablespoons of the dense, brown mixture in their food bowls, and calmed down till that game was over.

Problem solved.

Give it a try! It’s #YUM

pugs & kisses,

Folks, we have ourselves a winner!

I’ve been trying to come up with an all-natural, wHOLe food dog treat for the past few weeks. Since I make breakfast and dinner every day for Pearl and Truman with fresh, local produce, I thought I should try my hand at treat-making.

Turns out- not so hard to do.

Pearl’s Pumpkin Poppers are scrumptious yummies made with fresh, local, organic ingredients.

I used the wHOLe pumpkin –seeds & all– apples, cinnamon, and McEwen & Sons rolled oats.

Simple, healthy, fresh, and DElicious!

…I ate one. It was Yum…promise…

Shout out #1: Follow @Scottishgyrl on Instagram for some of the most awesome cakes ever. Thanks for the recipe advice!

Shout out #2: Take your dog to Just Happy Hounds (www.justhappyhounds.com) for boarding, daycare, training, & grooming.

My friends at Just Happy Hounds will be giving away Pearl’s Pumpkin Poppers THIS WEEKEND!!

  • Where: Bark in the Park, Veteran’s Park, Alabaster, AL.
  • What Day: Saturday, October 4
  • What Time: 9am-2pm
  • What For: Shelby Humane Society

Come by for a free sample of these little drops of awesomeness.

And, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet the star herself, the special girl who started us all down this road, the one and only: Pearl!

(She’s so cute. You’ll love her. Not biased. #truth).

pugs & kisses,